Grazer.. My videos!

@grazer Still remember my YouTube videos because you said: “I will find a good place for them.”

How’s it going with that special place?

You’d give me more motivation to make more videos if you make them official. Beginners won’t ask the same questions again an again if they get a good series of tutorials.


Hey Latif, you’re right - I never did that :frowning:

I just added your Flowlab playlist to the Video Tutorial section on the Help page:

If you’re planning to make more videos send me an email ( ) and I’ll send you a license for Bandicam so that they won’t have that watermark at the top.

Or just use ACA Capture Pro @latif3

or OBS @Latif3

Stop gravedigging. I already have a screen recorder sigh

when i enter your videos it says “videos not available”.

Grazer gave me a license to make videos without a watermark. I made new tutorial videos and deleted the old videos on YouTube which have watermarks. But I had no time to upload the new ones.

I will try to upload videos “soon”