Grazer please add/solve this

Hey, I can’t find a way to “unsaturate” my game. People have been complaining that the lights kill them. Either they use darkmode too much or they have epilepsy lol.

Anyways, how do I dim all the lightings, or at least make them at least a smoother transition, as a setting? I need it to be toggleable for cool mode and pitch black dungeon mode.

Everything in the game is fine. It’s just the background that your using on the games page.


Nobody said that…
I just spent 4 hours trying to find how to do it

I’ll say it. Please change the background


Lol, I meant the background to the ingame stuff not the game description background

Oh ok. I think that’s what ManiacPumpkin was talking about though

The main menu and background are both way too disorienting and hurt people’s eyes. If you’re getting enough complaints about this to have to make a topic about it; do what a good developer does and fix it; get rid of it.

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Aight I’m just deleting the game: maybe I should rename it “diy way to get everyone to hate you”

Don’t delete it; all I said is that you should get rid of what’s annoying the player. The game at heart is fun, but it’s harsh on the eyes on the main menu and background. Just change that; it doesn’t take much time.

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It’s gone ya happy now

I said you shouldn’t have. I just told you to fix the problem; no one ever told you to delete the game because it was a legitimately good product, with only a few glaring flaws.

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That seems a little overboard considering the situation my guy. You have been provided advice (small changes really) and we are just trying to help you. As the person who will be reviewing your game soon, I can say you would’ve been docked for the background because it doesn’t compliment it whatsoever and is extremely distracting. Being sarcastic and dramatic about it does not seem like a very professional response. If you can not take constructive criticism, then why even ask for reviews or opinions in the first place?


I took a minute to calm down and I’m sorry; it’s been a rough week. I just saw my grandparents dog shredded to pieces, my knees have been permanently injured, and my mom just got back from the hospital. You can see it was bad today; nonetheless I apologise for my irrational and idiotic behavior

It’s ok, I’m sorry you had to go through that stuff, but next time just take a breather so you don’t accidentally take it out on other people :slight_smile:

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I did warn about it tho

Warnings and actions dependent on them are two different things, Slime. Bitwit’s point still stands


I never said otherwise!

Seemed like you did; so I wanted to make sure you were aware.