Grazer.... Please look at this

I would like you to make it possible to download flowlab (Not community tho)
And try to make a way for it to be offline possibly? Thanks!


that’s not gonna happen anytime soon, sorry


Dang that kinda ■■■■■

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i put su ck s why did it blur

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Because they borrowed this text filter from Roblox

Next thing you know, numbers are censored.


ooooh, that explains a lot


i can’t even say h0mo

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Thats Lameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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Do yall know how to make an infinite camera?

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oh cr4p, this won’t work

just crank up all the values on the camera really high, that’ll work

Im making a infinite map battle game

yeah, just crank the camera up to like 8000 or something

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i doubt anyone will go that far

Ok that should work. Thanks!

How do i make a background that is like infinite without me having to place that much?

background repeat on the camera

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I need help making a pink cotton candy like ground

Just type infinite into the camera behavior. Makes one able to cheat Indie out of purpose with simple behaviors.