Grazer, we need your help

@grazer I usually don’t like asking or tagging your name, but there seems to be an issue. I created a game with @XXD3G and @The_Undying called Super Blocky Adventures. According to @XXD3G a few days ago at around nighttime he accidentally deleted a bunch of important sprites and I wanted to ask if you can help us bring those back.
XXD3G wanted you to just revert the entire game back before its last edit, so undo most of the deleting. I know you can bring back deleted games, but I’m not entirely sure if you can bring back edits to a game like this, mainly cause I never had issues up until know with it so if you could, please help us.

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I think that grazer can bring back edits. He usually restores sprite by reverting to the last edit save, so I would be surprised if edits were not brought back either.

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Okay, thanks @MetaNinja.

Also i edited the game this morning by adding some sprites, this was before I realized that anything was wrong since XXD3G was the one working on it, so I didn’t really keep tract of much of the game. Not sure if this helps or not, but I figured that I would say something about it.


@grazer This Is A Problem!

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