Grazer what are the Guidelines and Restrictions

Dear Grazer, So I know this is a Kid Friendly site so we already know what the answer is for 18+ rated stuff and swearing is, its a big FAT no, plus no one wants any of that around here, its just nasty. But what are the rules about the minor stuff like can there be drugs in games? Or use of alcohol? Or is there a limit on BLOOD or GORE, Or minor swear words like THIS IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE “Crap”. what are your restrictions and Guidelines.


Yes this is something I would like to know

I feel that the rule “We don’t really have a rule on swearing” in the Forum Rules discussion is a bit vague, I am also curious about this.

@grazer we summon thy

Hey, I kind of think there are two sets of “rules”, and I use quotes because they aren’t really strict rules - more like guidelines:

  1. In the forum: I mostly care that everyone treats everyone else with courtesy and respect. When it comes to content, a good guideline is just to be nice and not post anything if it would be embarrassing for your mom to read. How’s that?

  2. In your games: I view the game editor as a tool for you to be creative, and you can pretty much do what you want - I don’t go through people’s games looking for stuff to get upset about. If you make a game that doesn’t seem to fit within the general family-friendly vibe of the site, that’s still fine if you’re a subscriber - just mark it as “private” so it doesn’t show up on the games page, and don’t post it here in the forum. I have stumbled across games that I didn’t want showing up in the games listing, and I just marked them as private and went on with my day. You can export it or embed it on other sites though, and that’s still fine with me.

If you’re a free user and you’re working on something that you think maybe shouldn’t show up in the games list, let me know and I can mark it private for you.

Does that all make sense?

Thanks Grazer, Its Clears Up Some Stuff.