@Grazer, What just happened to my Account?

After you changed my email, my account changed into the free account. My real account was an education. I don’t have any resources. Can you change it back?

Umm I Have You Paid Account For Some Reason I Can Have 100 Levels And Edit Page

@grazer You Messed Up Big Time Lol

Im Telling You This @grazer So You Can Give Me My Free Account Back. I Don’t Take Of Vantage Of These Kind Of Situations

very obvious why grazer ignored this or I’m wrong who knows.

I see he removed the Flowjam banner in the my games section.

Also emails shouldnt change from accounts unless if your not on the account the education was part of (like moving from a school email to a personal email). As for Grim, I have no idea. its possible this is all a Flowlab issues after the change. My accounts fine, does anyone else have any issues?

Well I Just Wanted My User Name Changed Now My Account Type Is Grimproductionz Which is A Broken Paid Account

Sry guys, I didn’t see this thread before - I guess I was tired when I made those changes, because I really messed your accounts up. They should be fixed now though.

Hey, on the bright side however, someone took the time to point them out! I’ve seen a few examples of people just dealing with game-destroying bugs, instead of simply taking a few minutes to report them.
I’ve gained myself a reputation for reporting bugs, and although most of the time, it’s because my Chromebook simply isn’t built for Flowlab, some of it is often useful info! I’m not the only one using an Acer after all!
The more bugs, the more opportunity for improvement!