Grid movement player

If you’re wondering how to make a smooth grid movement player. I have an example if you’re interested.



wow! looks cool. you could make a lot of unique game ideas with that.

Really sorry to revive this topic, but this is exactly what im looking for, but it doesnt work anymore (probably because you deleted it) Could you make a new one can post it here please? Thanks in advance (:

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Hey @Jemlin_The_Cat - not sure if this is similar to what you’re looking for, but this is the grid-based movement game from the examples page:

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Thanks, I actually have that exact code in the game rn, but what i want is a smooth transition between grid spaced, so say the player is going up, i want it to move up, not teleport, but still be on a grid. (also why didnt i just use discord to ask this lol im big dumb)

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Actually, asking on the forum is great - now other people in the future can see this discussion and get some hints :slight_smile:

So I made a copy of the demo and added an Ease block before the position, so now you can control how smoothly/quickly he transitions to each spot.

Let me know if this is any better:

EDIT: I found a bug in the logic if you move too quickly, so I added some switches and timers to prevent it. Now the logic looks a bit messy :frowning:


I can work with this! Thanks for the help!

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Yup! Its working now, and dont worry it took care of the bug (I could still glitch it if i moved too fast)

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