GrimProductionZ Remembrance Game Jam!

Why This game jam is in remembrance of @GrimProductionZ (me)-Yeah didn’t know that, it’s 2021 now anything can happen.

How it’s going to work So how this is going to work is the you choose the theme and dew date. Which ever one has the highest votes will be chosen, and if it commit tie, well then imma slap another poll on. The game will start after we figure out what the timeline is and the theme-if people will actually participate in this

What to do So come up with some themes below and I’ll Hippity hoppity their now my property and clap them in in a poll, the timeline poll will be already made by made me.

Rewards Yes i have rewards but when you figure what it is your going to be so depressed and its not going to be my problem i just wanted people to join my jam this is also not clickbait-definitely not. Any way the rewards is going to be a pixelated badge asset for 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners. And you put them in your games to say “Hey look i won this very lousy game jam hosted by this week nobody like” so yeah whoever win-if people even join your going to be so proud of yourself * sarcasm intensifies *

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Here the poll nobody is going to participate in.

This poll is for how long the Jam will continue for. As I cringelly call it the Timeline poll thing, umm yeah running out of ideas here

  • 3 Days
  • 1 Week
  • 2 Weeks

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Usually game jams only last about a week, but it depends on how big the jam is intended to be or what type of game it is. If the theme was more of a fantasy style story game then 2-3 weeks would be necessary, but for like a simple minigame such as a simulator or something would only take about a week or less.

That’s why it’s up to you to decide any theme ideas you want to tell me about

Posting for people to take a look.

just to let you know, in my opinion, you won’t have a lot of contestants, mainly because the official flowjam

not the best timing, considering flowjam 2021 just got announced

Umm this starts after flow jam guys. And a already knew the flow jam was coming out a few weeks ago @grazer told me discord.

Theme Idea: Cyberpunk/dystopian, fantasy or steampunk

I agree…(34567890-)

Ok I’ll add those

Why did you change your name?

I didn’t I made a new account I’m planning on changing it soon

Noice (20202021\111111111)

YOU know you can just copy one of your game’s embeded codes and paste it instead of random characters right

Like this

Lol I am the only one who said 3 days

ah my technique being used who told you

Is every one just going to spam oftopic stuff or what