GrimReviewZ (Grand Reopening)

Link Game Below And I Will Review It Based On My Grading Scale

Grading Scale:

Intro = 1/10

Links/Info = 1/10

Game Play = 3/10

Art 2/10

Gui 2/10

The Rest 1/10

Latest game reviewed: GalacticoS


Intro = 1/1

Links/Info = 1/1

Game Play = 2/3

Art 2/2

Gui 1/2

The Rest 1/1

Your Total Evaluates Up To 8/10

So the GUI could be a little more relative to the art scheme but still good

The gameplay is to hard and there are some exploits but other than that its a really good game

Also on the run the walls don’t disappear

Okay @GrimProductionZ , try reviewing my game:
It’s mainly finished, but still could use some work.

ok sound great I’ll get started

I feel like this is dead so plz someone give me a review to do im bored

Drive Nero:

DoM 2 it is still very early in development because I have been working on V.I.P.E.R. 01 but I think it is still worth putting on here!

Sounds Good Give Me A Few And Ill Review Your Game

//= @JR_01 =\\


Intro = 1/1 The Intro Was Really Good Loved It

Links/Info = 1/1 Info And The Credits Were Already In The Game

Game Play = 2/3 Really Fun But Could Add Just A Bit More

Art 2/2 Love The Black And White Design

Gui 2/2 You Mostly Created Your Own GUI Other GUI Matched Up

The Rest 2/1 Other Features Added Including You Can Install On Google Drive

Your Total Score Evaluates Up To 10/10 You Got And Extra Point For Publishing It

Needs A Little Work On Game Play

Oh Yeah Also I Unlocked The UFO Not Going To Spoil For Any One Though :smile:


Well Try To Finish The Galaxy Trek First Then I’ll Review

Also Im Not Going To Review The Terraria One Because The Idea Was Not Originally Created By You ,But It Is Really Good

how do you like it? I put your seamoth in a pixel underwater background I made!

Yo Its Lit Looks So Much Better :smile:

Hey I Probably Wont Be On Till 3:30 So Bye

oh ok

wow i hate this


I have a game you could review. It’s my latest game, I was going to use it for the FlowJam, but got too carried away with it and just continued.