Grims Indie Game Jam (Closed will be back soon)


Theme will be Retro Arcade

To enter the jam just say that you are in and name your game with (Grim,s game jam) in the name of your game which means you can have whatever your game will be called

You also have to join and become a member of my website which is Right here Its free for people you think you have to pay I dont know why

No one can help you with your game at all just a good solo game jam

The game itself has to be 16 or 18 bit that means no 32 bit or more

You can use infinite sprites and levels

The game must be 20 by 20 which represents a original arcade game screen which is a square

It starts this Friday at 12 am and ends on Monday at 12 am yes Im meaning the minute it turns Monday which give you the week end I will rename the post when it starts and rename it when it ends so you know the exact times

You must create it when it starts and you can not reuse games and yes you may copy behaviors but you may not copy sprites

The prize will be basically a bunch of buffs on my website including a winners page with the info of the jam notice you will only have the buffs until the next jam then you will lose them so other people get a chance to win them I guess


6 or 18 bit that means no 32 bit or more (What Do You Mean?)

Bit means the pixel size 8 bit means 8 by 8 pixels same with 16 have you ever played Mario the original that is 8 bit as for Minecraft the textures are 16 bit you see what Im saying

Some one plz join I swear every time I post something nobody cares when some fricken bot does everyone actually looks at their crap Im sick of the lack of respect

Its actually 4x4, 8x8, 16x16, and 32x32 pixels per block if you choose in the editor. Im guessing you dont want 32x32 pixels per block cause it would be too detailed. I feel like people should choose on what size they want their pixels. Its a little too extreme. I mean I understand what your going for, but some people are used to using 32x32 so it might get very challenging trying to fit so much detail in a small amount of space.

might have time idk depends I gotta edit a video

You have a YouTube channle

@GrimProductionZ yes

What is it

It starts tomorrow very one @glithctyrus @Latif @“JR 01” @meburningslime @pixelknife3 @browngr @Gamer20 @Ramshacklegamestudios @todorrobot @RageDayz @“The Kodex” @“Baron Wasteland”

I don’t think I’ll be able to join but I’ll see the games that are made!

Ok well I hope people will join

Can’t, college is about to start and work is about to get rough starting next week.

Oh ok

I do love a retro arcade game. I might be able to cook something up but I have a few other projects Im working on atm too.

Ok sounds great, hope your other games go well too.

@GrimZProduction NO!JUST NO!

Stop asking so immature on the forums bro so calm down @Gamer20



Oh well, I might still build something quick to submit. I like the pixel size limits and the short time frame. What time zone are you in so I know when your midnight is on Monday.