Groundpound feature

how do i make a groundpound feature where you press up arrow then down arrow to do a groundpound


You mean a body slam? I’ve never heard the term: GroundPound, but I like it!

Give the link to the game, or I can make an example game myself for you to copy, whichever one is easier

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There’s a behavior called a Logic Gate, you can use this to detect when both Up and Down is pressed.
Then from there, apply a force upwards like a jump, then again downwards after a bit.

I’m assuming you mean the typical groundpound that is often referred to in most Mario games right?

I haven’t actually played Mario though and I’m not entirely sure of your wording, did you mean to slam down while you’re already in the air?
If so, same as above but with just the downward force. Make sure to set the X velocity to 0 as it’s typically to only move straight down with a groundpound.

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How have you not heard that if you played Halo 5 so much

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I didn’t get the body slam! I got the jump stab!