Group Collisions

it can be very helpful if you add groups,
like you can select a few sprites into a group
this is so that i dont have to add so many collisions.

This already exists.
You can find it in the Object Properties tab.

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It sounds like you’re describing Parent Objects? That’s a thing that exists, it’s under the name of the object.

So if Object A is the parent of Object B, Object B will set off Collisions searching for Object A. Object B will also have all the same code as Object A.

I believe Braden was mentioning Collision Groups, which you may be talking about as well.


yeah, that’s right. but i am confused. and if object C was to join Object A, would it still be the same?

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Code from a parent runs in the background of the child object.

What I usually do for collision is create some blank parent objects with no code and name them like “.enemy”, then set all the enemy objects to that parent name. This way only you only need a collision in the player set to .enemy to get hurt by all enemy objects.

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