GUESS WHOS BACCCCCCKKK (e e e e e clear 15)

IS me 8-bit and im bout’ to make new games! and one of them is my oldest game i think i ever thought of: Deepertale! yes I am a Undertale fan I made it but sucked at drawing and coding or another I didn’t start yet: Metro! (demo haha) yes demo another game Im thinking of: Jumpy: THe high quest! originally made in scratch so i can get the files and put it in new grounds but this is “the high quest” its supposed to be “8-bit troubles” as in Jumpy gets stuck in a 1990’s video game or something and everything is pixel, (ive never typed so much in my life) and his friends are there to well only two of them, now to the main topic: i have no idea which game to make first so can you guys vote for me? thanks, your buddy who has been gone for like since 2020, 8-bit (studios)

how i made poll agaen?’

wait i think i need an older account can someone make a poll for me:

like this:


Jumpy: 8-bit troubles

Metro (demo)


Here ya go, buddy.

  • Deepertale
  • Jumpy: 8-bit troubles
  • Metro (demo)

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also, yoooooooooooooooooooo, another Undertale fan!


Undertale is cool, I just think that it died off.


The story was beautiful, but sadly it was one of those games where you only play once and get bored so it got kinda left behind.

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We’re also waiting for Chapter 2 for Deltarune. Deltarune, in my opinion, was about as good as Undertale, but I just wish that the game was longer and had more content.

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e thanks peoples
(am i addicted to saying e!? :O)