Guest Artist for my new game

I’ll admit, @Greggo is the one who inspired me to do this (is it ok if I do something like this too greggo?).
The game in question is The GAME: The Game. It is an action platformer and if you want to be a guest artist, let me know.

First drawing option (I was too lazy to send a reference image of the real item in my house so I sent you these images of it I found online

Also don’t draw the details on the screen unless you really want to

Second drawing option

A menacing, muscular, evil-looking Ronald McDonald

Third drawing option

A Big Chungus statue


I could do option one if you’d like. I’m a middle level artist, not bad but not professional.

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Sure! (Thank you very much) That’s kind of my skill level too. I’ll put you in the credits and you have until January next year something idk

Just make it 4 times as tall as the player (who is 32x32 pixels) though.

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No worries, it’s absolutely fine. It’s always great to have projects like this that include the community. Besides, I’m not the first to do it and you won’t be the last :blush:


Ok, thanks!


could you explain what you’d take on the guest artist for? like what kind of things specifically would you have them work on?


@Baron_Wasteland, I think @John_Shrekinson is just looking for general artist that can help make things they wouldn’t normally be able to. I don’t think john is going to ask for a specific type of sprite as the entire job, so it may vary. That’s just what I gathered, but I might be totally wrong.


Ramshackle is correct. I am asking the community if they want to draw something for what could be my best game yet (better than all my other games).


Is anyone still willing to do this? I just need Ronald first because he’s an important part of the game.