GUI requests

Alerts: Can we have a system that can choose how many buttons we want to have, like 2? More buttons are pretty much required for questions such as “Are you sure” for whatever reasons or “Choose one of the following”. Also, as said in the forums previously, text boxes would be useful also.

Bar: More designs :smiley:

A few years ago, I requested a yes/no option, or a multiple choice option, in which both were not implemented.

that probably should have been in the poll…

Unfortunately, windows exports won, which doesn’t help me at all. If someone wants to play a game offline, that’s great, but it’s very rare that I’m on my home computer, with no wi-fi. Even still, you can play and edit the games on puffin browser for mobile phones, runs much faster than downloading the game as an app. To me, the desktop application isn’t useful at all, but there are many behaviors and requests that would be useful, like an “and” function, multiple choice alerts, 2 background layers, 5 game layers, background animations, faster speed for the smartphone apps, but you know, it’s not up to me.

If you really need to make Yes/No options, make 2 objects that pop up after a question alert is clicked. Have clicking one open the choice alert, and disable both. You can reuse them by having the alerts afterword enable them both again, and use a switch to go to the next alert question. You can have the objects on the UI layer, and change from 0 to 100 alpha, when then enable/disable. It’s a bit of a pain, but if you understand Flowlab logic, you’ll have no problem making them.

@grazer if not soon, when will the feature be added?

Since he is usually not on here, it could be a long time. I’ve been a member since like October 2013. A lot has changed, but requests don’t usually get immediately worked on. grazer has a long to do list, mostly consisting of bugfixes. Since that desktop export won, he has to work on that, because it’s buggy, and doesn’t work right, so unfortunately, that could take up a lot of his time. Before the Android and iOS builds, he used to have a desktop export, but it didn’t really work too well, either, so I assume that’s why he removed it. Let him take his time. I’m terrible at coding, it’s miserable work. I’m glad he built Flowlab, because other codeless game dev sites are insanely expensive, but he lets users use a free mode. It’s come a long way since the original 2012 beta, however, it is still in beta.

Tl;dr: He has a lot of stuff to work on, so don’t expect any promises for requests anytime soon. He does this all by himself.

Hey Luminous700,

Thanks for the feedback. Really, the gui behaviors were always meant to be temporary, but they have kind of stuck around for a while. You can probably make much nicer ones using game objects. Here is an example of a couple of different ways that you can make bars that are better then the built in ones, for example:

I don’t have an alert example handy, but I’ll try to put one together soon.

thanks grazer :slight_smile:

I’ve been wondering. Why does animations always go back to the 1st frame before finishing completely? It’s kinda annoying to have in my Battle Island game, especially when I have 100x delay for my weather animation.

oh and for filter “Between” a number and another would be nice

So you want decimals…

Or do you want basically 1-100 and 50-70. Its actually easy

Not that, of course that’s easy. I meant for filter. There’s only “greater/less than” or “(not) equal to”. If I mix “greater/less than” together to make a “between”, it doesn’t work if I want to have other filters as well.

I see you’ve also noticed the animation bug. Some of my animations start at the 3rd or 4th frame, and end after a half loop. It looks terrible, and is a pain to adjust accordingly, by reorganizing the frame order.


Ok, I wasn’t aware of that bug - I have fixed it here, so it will be gone in the next release.