Hai im announcing a new game

It is called Nightmares where “Child” (this guy:NEW aRt ) is trying to escape these random monster out to kill only him but when he sees he’s locked in the house he is stuck in there, so basically:
I choose people to tell his true story heres one free thing its like all horror games You stuck in a frickin loop and stuff so guess wait for a bit??? I can show more art coming soon this is a free game also, btw bye.


I can tell this looks kinda inspired by Algiophobia, lol. Anyway can’t wait to see what you have in store with this game.

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@ManiacPumpkin it looks more like a twhfs or a little nightmares ripoff.

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Well the story is very similar to what I was doing and he was apart of the collab team for algiopgobia. Although since my game was inspired by yours, would it be a ripoff of the ripoff? Hmm…

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Aight, to be honest, I have not played your game yet, and look at the juicy lore I just set out in my update log.

Its not ripoff of anything bros @ManiacPumpkin @meburningslime

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We are using the word “ripoff” and “inspired by” interchangeably lol, we aren’t accusing you of anything lol.