HAKK3R 2 Will no longer exist as of January 30th

Here goes…

On January 30th, 2021; HAKK3R 2 as a game will no longer exist.

I’m starting over.


Why so?

Well simply put; I’m not happy with it in its current state. The artstyle isn’t completely solid, Flutin as a concept has changed drastically, the storytelling was weak, the combat system was too basic, the AI’s didn’t meet my standards, and I don’t have enough unique voice actors. I am permanently deleting HAKK3R 2 and starting from scratch.

Now, to answer a few of your questions:

Will HAKK3R 2 in its original state still be playable?
No, simply because it’s too complicated to navigate and it houses spoilers to the series.

Will HAKK3R 2 be delayed?

Probably, but I’m still keeping the original release date as of now. If my forecasting says I need to delay it, then it’ll be released on December 24th, 2023, and so on and so forth.

Will you seek to get HAKK3R 2 published on other platforms with your extra time?

I’ll need to get into contact with DC for this information, but I would like to get it published as a DC Product and profit off of it, yes. Flowlab will be the only free place to play it if this plan commences.

If you have any other questions about the game, please ask. I will answer them. (=


Good luck on your reset. I haven’t done that before but if mobile compatibility ever occurs (pssst @grazer) I’ll revamp my old games. Have fun!


Dude don’t delete it at least let it be accessible, even if not playable, you’ve been hyping this for a long time.

I hope it goes well


Hey Kodex, I’m sorry to inform you that I can’t do that because of the other fact that the game currently has loads of spoilers. However, I’ll consider not deleting it and releasing it with the full game. Though I’ll need to add something that specifies and makes it clear that this is not a completed product. (:


You could just hold onto it as some sort of reference, or possibly as a reminder of how far you went from where you started.

I highly suggest keeping it, even if you won’t show it publicly.


@rcreger It’s why I never delete old games - no matter how terrible. It shows how far I’ve come like the original Combat Car Adventures Game, my first flowlab game, its a symbol.

@browngr I’d love it to be released with the full game, I’d still give it a play.


Earlier today, I announced that HAKK3R 2 will no longer exist. But now, what will the remade version be like? Well let me take you on a short, immersive adventure of what I imagine will come of HAKK3R 2 when it gets its full release:

An immersive 20+ hour long adventure filled with pop culture references and hundreds, maybe thousands of custom companies written into the many sub-stories, including awesome combat, interesting characters and unique dialogue for everyone, a huge, lively city where you can discover the lowest of the low, or the greatest minds of Flutin, all in the span of less than ten minutes if you can drive fast enough, not to mention an action-packed, emotional and gritty main story with loads of characters, some of which you’ll come to love and care for, and some of which you’ll learn to hate with a burning passion. The music will boost your experience and you’ll have loads of districts to discover as the architects renew the city and build upon it, with three unique vertical levels and dozens of horizontal ones, you’ll feel like you’re in an entirely new world without much travel required, when in reality, you’ve barely even traveled a kilometre. So get in your car, vigilante. You’ve got a long night ahead of you.

And hey. This is Flutin. It doesn’t take long to go from paradise to getting a bullet put in you, so choose your words carefully. Your life always depends on it, here.


I think since @grazer has updated Flowlab.io with the new text behavior update @browngr is going to add some kind of hacking mechanic were you can type in passwords or overrides into a computer terminal, maybe to access other areas or to progress through the game.


Read my mind, bud! Yes, HAKK3R 2 will have many hacking systems that you will have to bypass and figure out, and I’ve also been playing around with hacking into body modifications that your enemies may have.

For example: You’re about to take on a group of enemies that’re in a small group, and you notice that all four of them have a cyberlink that keeps them in a constant call so that they can know if one of them gets in trouble in a scenario where they split up. SO; you can hack into them and send a small electric shock that bounces between them, temporarily incapacitating all four, without them knowing a single thing. (And that’s just one scenario of hacking in HAKK3R 2, there’s going to be dozens :smile:)


Cool! One that i thought of just now is that you could hack an enemies mind and make them go berserk (how and which emotion is up to you). Of course, It wouldn’t last forever as the biological mind would eventually regain control.

Also, please please give us an upgrade system for these abilities. It would be so cool!

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Will do! I’m so excited to show everyone this series, and I’ll make sure not to disappoint with it! (Especially with the hacking system haha)

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This is not the right channel to be advertising


Well, he’s been enforcing this to many people including me and MrMcMemerMan, and a few other victims. So just try to ignore it.


haha I’ll pass

Hey what kind of coding system are you going to implement into your game will it be java or C++ or 1s and 0s forgery what its called

It’ll be completely custom and easy to learn for players, I don’t want you to have to learn an actual coding language in order to play and hack, it’ll be easy and straight-forward, but will still challenge your brain :+1:t2:

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Well that’s kind of a let down because that would be cool cause i know java. But still really cool

haha I do it for the sake of the audience, I don’t want anything too complex :sweat_smile: