Half Life Extinction Alpha 3.0 Testers

I need some people to give me a review and how the game is and how a could possibly improve.

feel free to give ideas.


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You should add a few special enemies / bosses and should totally add running.

A boss is already in progress

Speciel Enemie Would be nice

Hello, I see two ways this game could shine.
1: Fighter Game
Make this a new smash bros, where you can just whomp on enemies and have loads of fun. You can make enemies difficult, just not overpowered. If you want to pursue this, I reccommend adding graphical animations and some new weapons.

2: Zombie Survival
Create a new RD:R with some new weapons, crafting, and an open-world map! You could make a randomized world and spawns like this game.

Sure @meburningslime Ill make a zombie survival. but im not to sure abou a super smash bro style

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Hey @Diamondkittyxl a new “Special Zombie” has been added… Its a fast/runner Headcrab Zombie (The Bloody ripped up fast one), and a poison zombie is on the way including a poison headcrab, the posion zombie will throw poison headcrabs at player.

@Diamondkittyxl @meburningslime @seamothmaster45 @“I YEET BABIES OFF OF CLIFF”
Well this is what i believe alpha 3.0 will have:
Bigger map
New Zombie: Genome - Acts as Brute
Survival Mode
Sandbox Mode
New Enemy: Antilion - Its a bug like Creature for Survival
More things (Im gonna get indie)
And More Gameplay to come
(Maybe) Multiplayer
Posion Zombie - I wont Delete it but we might not see him for a while
Posion Headcrab - same goes for him
Idea of these enemys is they would inflict posion damge that would laste to 5 to 10 seconds

neat, make sure to add some flashy animations that will catch your eye.

I Should have 3.0 out this month

@meburningslime @Diamondkittyxl @seamothmaster45

3.0 is almost here,
Ive totally scrapped the poison zombie and have had new ideas + the reason Ive been offline for a while is a was playing half life alyx to gain new ideas and zombies and combine.

1 Lightning Dog/Headcrab: they have electrical powers and can ink/vanish fast and corrupt dead zombies to fight again
2 Grenades
3 Zombine
4 Pulse Ball: A Ability to shoot a pure ball of plasma when meter is full
5 Xen Infected Areas And Breakable Vine Walls

Wiki For Lightning Dog If Wanted

Add a claymore