Halo: Banished Druglords Fangame Trailer and announcement

A sequel to my biggest (fan)game on Flowlab, Halo: Flowlab Evolved, is in the works!

Known Flowlabian Halo fans ping: @117JOJO @CodeAlpaca @HuckleBerry

Game Cover

In this game you play as Cody Griffington, a Spartan IV who is accompanied by his ghost friend Evax, a pink Spartan fairy. Together Cody and Evax must save humanity from the Banished warlord Vaso 'Kogam, a racist, marijuana addicted, evil swordsman who wants to destroy all humans because they “ruined weed”. The following image is slightly inaccurate, as Vaso 'Kogam’s armor is red:
bortnite battle bass

Planned Features:

  • Weapon combination: combine weapons together such as the energy sword and the new “transformer clip shotgun” that I made
  • Super mode: Evax possesses the player, giving them super power and increased speed and damage
  • Racist enemies: Enemies will yell racial slurs at the player, such as “Go home you hairless monkey!”
  • Classic Halo 2 menu style: ICONIC functions

and more!


I’ve never played halo before

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I hate humans, they ruined weed!!!

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What? I’m sorry, I just assumed that you liked or played Halo because you seemed to like my Halo fangame posts more than anything else I made. I’m still glad you like these things anyway!

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im sorry just stop

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Stop what?

I like your game dev post to show my support for you as a game dev


Epic! :sunglasses: That is greatly appreciated :smiley: Me too! :pray:

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I have decided that this game will not be a sequel to HFE because it is way too different and based on a literal Halo Reddit meme. I am making an actual sequel to HFE with you playing as Master Chief right now.