Hasty yacht forum

This is were you get all the news about the games we make!
So I don’t have to keep track of 7 other forum topics.

Ask us questions, I am not available during the weekend,
I am available only from 12:20 - 1:20.
You can still ask questions but don’t expect a reply instantly.

See you soon…Injection 01 GIF

HUH lemme go on me 8-bit acc

Also I am making a new game called madness.
This will stop production of strings so yeh

@meburningslime Will get early access to it.

even though I can tell he kind of doesn’t want it.

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I am very excited about it! I just am now sure how much I can play since you said it’s very hard and I don’t get on all that often.

Ok! That’s good to know. I wanted to know if it was bothering you.
First I have to make it possible. The positioning makes you get cornered instantly sometimes.

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