Having a lot of problems

I started doing this again, and now I am having a lot of work not saving. It says “Unable to save behaviors. Please relode.” And I do, but it just undoes all my past hour’s work. Even when it doesn’t say that, I press ‘ok’ and get out of the behaviors, then relode, it does the same thing. This is really frustrating.

There is one Game mode object that does not appear in my list of objects in proximety. This is also really annoying but I can work around.

Sometimes I can’t destroy those line things in behaviors. I am working on full zoom, but I still can’t do anything until I relode, which then deletes my work.

If your work isn’t saving, this sounds like it could be an internet issue. Do you know if your internet has had problems in the past?

sure it has, but my dad and mom are on their mac books and having no issues at all. I don’t understand these things, but I don’t think the type of computer should effect that.

This sounds like a problem with your internet connection. If you continue to see this, please post the error from your browser console and I can probably give you more information

In order for an object to activate a physics trigger (e.g. Proximity, Collision, Raycast), it must have a physics collision shape (it must have collisions enabled, or be solid). If there is no collision shape, then there is nothing to activate the trigger, and the object type will not be shown in the trigger’s settings.

I don’t understand what this means, sorry.


Oh, I see. I didn’t think proximity was a physics trigger. I mean, it doesn’t collide or anything.

I can see how it might be confusing, but think about it this way: You are checking how close you are to the edge of another object. In order to figure that out, the other object needs to have an edge to measure against. This means it must have some sort of physical shape, which you only get if the object is either solid or collidable.

It’s possible that the “enable collisions” setting is not descriptive enough, and it should be revised.


I think he’s talking about the visual links that connect between behaviors outputs and inputs.
I sometimes have issues with these not connecting or breaking, but that’s only when I’m slightly zoomed out.

Apparently for Flying_Fahita, he has issues with them even while zoomed in.

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