Having issues saving correct score.

So basically, it kinda works and then kinda doesn’t. Only when it wants to lol

ISSUES: Its not keeping the correct track of score.
Only working sometimes.

This game was produced on a premium account.

I may be mistaken, could someone check my logic please? If you view my library, and look for the blue save game box, and the small money bag, you will find the logic for my score keeping on both of those.

Or if you have your own logic, I would definitely appreciate the help! Thank you flowlab community! @grazer

Heres the link to my game http://www.flowlab.io/game/play/398355

Ive even tried the basic score keeper logic (collision +number = label) and that doesn’t work either… Is it because my game is to large and its unable to keep up with the high amount of collisions? @grazer When you get a chance I would definitely appreciate some advice/input. Thanks for your time.

I will help best i can


The trigger goes into an expression,

To add to a score-


And if you want to have something subtract points from it,


Have both expressions go to The label…

make sure you bring the outputs BACK TO A

Are you using that logic on The blue save sprite?

Also whats below the last expression on the last pic you posted? Could you take another pic? Thanks for your help @jngthree !

Oh nevermind about the picture. I see now

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 9.36.23 PM

@jngthree I followed your steps, but as you can see the label is not out putting the score. It is calculating but forsome reason wont show on the label.? I feel like im closer though so thank you for getting me here. Do you know why it wouldnt be showing? Also what will be going to the trigger? Thanks again man ill add you in my credits for helping =]

for some reason its not even adding now. lol This can drive someone crazy lol

The number with the trigger label was just a placeholder…
My guess is because the GUI label is not configured.
Set it to 0 by default

If you want to subtract from the score, replace the “trigger” number with an actual trigger,
Like a mailbox

For just a simple increment or decrement, you can use the (+) input on your number instead of adding an expression. Example here: http://flowlab.io/game/view/402038

I will check out the saving to see if I can reproduce the issue.

I forgot to mention - amazing job on this game so far!