Having problems with copying bundle

So here’s my problem:
I made a second game to test world generation in a Minecraft remake without doing it to the real game. I bundled all of it and copied the bundle. The problem is, this bundle doesn’t show up in the bundle list for other games even though it’s “added to the list”, and copying it directly into the “Import Behaviors” window or the behaviors area does not work. Does anyone have a solution?
Thanks :smiley:


To add a bundle to your list, you need to click the “add to menu” button. The bundle should immediately show up in your list in that game, but if you have both the game where you addded the bundle to your list open and another one of your games open, the other game won’t have the bundle in your list because the info isn’t being shared between the tabs.

Same thing if you have two tabs of the same game open, only the one where you added the bundle to menu will have that bundle appear in the list right away, so you need to refresh the other game’s tab to get the new bundle in your list.

If you are copying the bundle from one game to another one, you have to make all behaviors that make you choose an object (like collision, spawn, emit, raycast, message, etc.) fit the other game by choosing those objects again (or creating them, then choosing them if you’re doing it in a not-cloned/new game).

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Fun fact when you paste the bundle or any behavior it will still be located in the same area it was last time. So you may just need to zoom out and you might be able to find it.

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Yeah the bundles and pastes spawning in the same spot as where it was copied from is a bit annoying. Just have to get used to zooming out to find it.


I will try this, thank you :smiley: I didn’t think about parity between the two games, so I will keep this in mind later.

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