Having trouble transforming my player

Hello, I am in a bit of a predicament trying to make something work in my game. Here’s a summary: I have my normal player, that walks around as normal, and then I have a flying player, that works kind of like a jet pack, where you hold down up to fly up. But that’s not entirely the point. I want to make it so that if you touch a specific object, the normal player is transformed into the flying player. Can anyone give info or some help?

Hello and welcome to the forums.

From what I understood you’re trying to make a jetpack type of controller for the player, and let it trigger only when the player comes in contact (collision trigger) with a certain object. To achieve the jetpack controller, you can link the down key to a push motor behavior that boosts the player vertically (y axis). you can modify the amount that the player gets boosted by linking the trigger to a number to make the player boost up. To make it activatable when the player touches an object, You can lock the behavior behind an on/off switch. It should look like this:

(I also recommend disabling the ability to jump while the player is flying)