Hay World!

Hay I am new here so how does this site work?

The forum or the website?

The website

Flowlab is a site made to build 2D pixelated indie games from visual programming. Created by 1 man’s hopes and dreams.

Thanks … :wink:

It can be a bit complicated at first but if you’re having trouble read the behavior manual or ask questions on the forum.

well let me help you I know how this site works… I had gotten banned already but got back so yea I know how it works… If you are wondering how I got banned well I have NO idea. But thanks for the basic tip. Besides I had been in this site a bit longer then you have.

This is going to be a very small time I’m going to be on - maybe only a moment - but I’m just wondering what your previous account was @Admin1.0 ? I’m just wondering if I have seen you before, but your typing style does not reflect on any of the ones I’ve experienced.

If you don’t want to tell me this information, fine by me. I’m just curious and am wondering if I’ve seen you before on here. But, if you don’t, try making a fresh start for yourself, and if you weren’t perfect before, maybe try to be better this time, as it is impossible to reach perfection.

Have a great stay on FlowLab, and nice to meet you (maybe the second time)!

Well I don’t know you so I don’t think you know me, Used to be 23gz4932 which was a mistake if putting that username in.

Well that is the story

I don’t recognize the last username, so I guess we’ve never met.

That’s ok