health bar position

Ok so asked how to get a health bar and someone helped me with that (thank you so much). But its always in the middle of the screen. i have a side scrolling game is the a way to get the health bar to stay at the top left corner?

move your player out of the way, click on them, open the menu, but not behaviors. With that mini menu open you can drag bars, ik its weird.

What mini menu is it and where is it?

The one where you click on an object, then edit it. Not the 1st pop up, the 2nd one that shows the options for moveable and the picture preview and the edit behaviors button.

Ok i got it now i am making lots of games!

it won’t work

Trust me, it does work if you do it how I said.

oh yeah mhx air… I got something to say

…why didn’t you just say it?

the game you are making da the minigames. can you make a shooter thing on my game like you did on your game. plese it whould be pretty nice… for my game

shooter thing?

on your game I look at the leavels and I found a leavel called shooter can you make something like that on my game pleseeee!!!

Oh that thing, sorry, that took way too long to make, its very complicated and not easily explained. Also I can’t edit other people’s games. If you use flowlab for a few months, you’ll find you can make great things on it. I could make New Super Mario Bros if I wanted.

that’s ok!

You can also go into Game Layers, then Click User Interface, Then you can move the Health bar and label to your hearts content.

mhx made diamonsion assult, which alone stands like a platformer!