Health in my game broken need help

I have made many copies, and no matter what I try this still happens. I am using a heart system for health, and on a random hit that should deduct one heart, it instead gains 3, or just a random number. This is very frustrating, and I am wondering if anybody has any insight as to what this may be, or a way around it. The spike has the behavior added and I have tried various numbers and expressions. I am not adding the behavior to the character because it is destroyed on impact. Angry Birds style launch from the bat guy. I will link my game.

didnt you post this already?

he did but i was closed by grazer i saw a lock next to title which means it got closed he probaly reposted it

Try maybe making it so that when the pig collides with the spikes it will send a message to the pig and that will delete him. The pig is probably hitting the spikes hit box instead of the actual spike so making the spike know that the pig hit it and then sending that over to the pig will probably work. I haven’t seen any number multiplication, only sometimes the number won’t subtract when the pig hits the spikes.

Yes I reposted it. In need of help

Im not good with health but will see what i can do

ok i know what to do now lemme just do something real quick

Have you come up with anything?

Whaddya mean (PMBAL2C

oh yeah i remember (just wait i need to remember how to screen shot

here and it needs to be less than zero hope it helps

The once was just an example of something needed to trigger

I appreciate the help. It is still not working for me unfortunately

Yes i know i figured it out go into my game press the characters behaviors and look for the bundle called Example for Sudoman and you will see it i know how to make it go right but not left

Game link: