Health Problems

This has been going on for a while but here’s a short list of problems I have related to player health. Here’s my game-

  1. I need a way for the health to be saved, and always on the correct amount, currently every battle resets the shown health to 30 until it’s hit and it goes to it’s true number.

2.I would like the ability to have a second save for if the player dies, meaning that the player will respond at a checkpoint instead of the last autosave.

  1. How can I make the player reset there health when they go back to a checkpoint after death, without resetting all the characters stuff, (Unless saves do this automatically).

For number one, have it always read the save and have the output go into the health number.

If you go to games on flowlab and search “checkpoint,” the first 4 games will be different checkpoint examples you can look at. Maybe some will be of use.

I tried that and now everything messed up, health is stuck at 1 now

did u do this(name the save what the health save name is)

@The_KWASM since the title is called health problems, I seriously though something went wrong in real life and was really concerned until I realized that it is about the game, lol.

lol. I need 20 characters

Oh sorry about that (lol)