When i open an animation in edit sprite the the thing that pops down at the top with the frames blocks the top row of pixels. Is there any way to move or minimize the popdown.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean, but what usually helps is to decrease the window size in the browser settings while in the sprite editor.

What it does is usually space things more out and can also help if you made too many frames.

I tried that and all it did was change the sprite editor nothing spaced out.

Could you leave a link to your game?
I’ll see if it happens to me too and/or try to see how to fix it.

Okay but it happens in all my games.

Go to the sprite editor, then:
-Try clicking the negative maginifying glass
-Use the hand tool to adjust your viewing point.

I just tried the hand and it worked. Thanks.

!!! Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhat