Hello again! I have a few questions...

So, I’ve been away for quite a while now, and I just came by to check on things (maybe start reviewing again…) and I noticed that my game, A-Box, at least for me, is acting strange. Such as when hitting an item, the background music cuts off, the character and animations are very slow, and the sprites are fluttery and glitching. This may be only because of my laptop, and if it is, then it’s alright because then you guys can just continue to enjoy it. So, if nothing changed for you guys, then it’s all good, but I need to know that. I’ll be looking at the forums to see the updates to Flowlab, until then, please let me know!


@rcreger - I’ll check it out

it is hard to notice but i think you are right…

Thank you @grazer ! Let me know if you have the same issues.

Is the movement also a bit laggy @jonerrror42 ? My most main concern is the audio always cutting out during the speech popping up.

all I noticed is the tiles glitching/misplaced slightly and delayed sfx

Its plays about the same since the last time I played, and the music stops because you are pausing the game in those items. Pausing the game pauses any sounds that is playing at the moment, but it looks like any sound played while paused will play.

Yeah, I checked the game out and it seemed to play OK to me? The player speed seems about like I remember, and I’m not sure what you mean by fluttery sprites.

Okay, so it’s just my crappy laptop, which is good so you guys can continue to enjoy the game. I just remembered that the background once the UI popped up the music continued. But thanks for letting me know @grazer @JR 01 @jonerrror42