Hello Flowlab Members

Just wanting to say. I am trying to make mp and hp regeneration. I figure out all the other basic flowlab stuff thanks to the videos and examples. But haven’t figure out the regeneration mechanic. so could you please help me, it will be great.


How do you want the heath and magic points to regenerate? If you want them to regenerate automatically, you would add a timer that adds onto the total amount every x seconds. If you want it to be collision based (collect a heart, health pack, etc) then you would add onto the total amount every time the player collided with that object.

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Make it add hp using a repeating timer. Then filter to see if it goes over the max and then undo the addition if it is.

Once you make a group when you have indie or education. All you got to say is to implement whatever you need added and ill do it for you.

For the regeneration just have a timer that will add a number every so often to the bar until a certain amount which you can easily do with a filter

@nhgcr_for_the_3rd_time may you please explain the Energy system from CubeTales? I think it will help.


The energy starts at a set value (in our case, 100)

Action done by the player deplete this value, and at 0 energy you cannot use actions that require energy

However, the energy replenishes by 2 ever 5 seconds, and you can collect energy packs to regain a lot of energy at once

Basically, use positive or negative values that you add to the main number

hope that helps

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