Hello! I am "Theonewho"

I am theonewho. I am a new user of the FlowLab.
I am making a video game

why wont i move what is this trash

this game engine is garbage id rather make worlds in fortnite

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I’m not even online but I can already sense Discord Flowlab users making fun of you behind your back. Please chill

but it isnt working (dum 20 charactrer thing)

Anger is cringe. Literally just count to 10 and breathe, then use the help page of the website, and if that fails come back here and ask for help in the #how-to (help) category.

And for the 20 characters, just type < wegibueibwebibvuewbuiewv > under your post without the spaces.

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Actually im just gonna leave flowlab because i dont understand any of this

Well, there are tutorial videos in the “help” on the flowlab main page. I am 100% sure that if you tried it you will be satisfied with it… welcome by the way!


Listen, if you never try, then you never get the full experience. If you aren’t willing to KEEP PUSHING and just want to give up the moment something happens, how will you ever learn to develop games?

This engine is among the best for starters, and even for experts! All it takes a bit of practice to get you going! Never give up!


When I was new to the engine, I needed a lot of help!
If you need help with something, just ask someone!


It seems like you just don’t understand what you’re doing. Flowlab is a very good engine, but you need learn how to use it.
Please view the tutorial videos that Flowlab has on their YouTube channel, it’s a great place to start. Then read the behavior handbook to understand how everything works, and feel free to ask for help whenever you need it!

Some helpful links for you to easily access


I think he gave up…

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Not really, the Flowlab Discord is very chill and civil. Your experience there is based off of 1 other user you don’t like. And I’m not going to sugarcoat it, you honesty caused a lot of your own problems, which were then handled very poorly by others.

Don’t worry other Forum users, Discord isn’t talking behind your back 24/7. When we do comment negatively towards the forums, it tends to be from an unneeded argument that started here.


I did cause a lot of my own problems indeed. I think it’s also mainly Flowlab users on their own servers talking behind your back. And CodeAlpaca, I don’t like or dislike the Agent any more because I moved on and we both shutted the up.

My experience on the Flowlab Official server is much better now that I conform to the group’s thinking [or something like that], which I gratefully accept.

In the end I just think I lashed out at Flowlab official by generalizing most of its active users as “backbiting” people (people who talk about others badly behind their backs) because the legitimate comments they had about forum users mostly involved forum people who can’t see those comments, and also because I had seen even more backbiting going on in servers run by certain users.

I’m gonna try to stop calling people out for this particular action, because my religion instructs to simply “walk away” when it happens.

True guys, I can now confirm.

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