Hello! I'm a new user!

Hello everyone!
I’m a brand new user and I want to get to know all of the other developers!
I am Zendigo, and I am experienced because I know how to use python and all those other stuff. I hope you get to know me well!

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Hello @Zendigo, I’m a game creator also! Nice to have a new game creator! I can’t believe you use Python, nice:)

The last new user, @Coming, was really mean.

And got kicked out.

Oh, @Coming was a user on another game creating thing, he reported the website and said they were acting rude and saying cuss words, but none of it was true. But it still got shut down. @Coming also sued a game developer group for not letting him join.

Oh wow! That’s just…no.

Hi Zendigo, hope you like flowlab so far if you have questions ping me and if I’m on I’ll be glad to try and help you out the best I can. Have fun flowlabing.


Thank you @Pixel_Name1. You’re very nice.

Wow, that’s crazy never was around to see @Coming but just wow

Flowlab is not much like Python, so…

Thank you I try and be the most polite person I can be. :grin:

I know, I can’t believe it. He was very rude.

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Thank you so much, you’re a good person.

This is nice. Here’s the list of all the Flowlabber’s I know:
-Grazer(the Creator)
-The Headless Horseman(BANNED)
And so on…
Hopefully you have your best experiences here in Flowlab.

Why’s The Headless Horsemen BANNED?

I don’t understand much either.

Welcome Zendigo (cool name by the way)! I too wish you well.

Banned for being rude, and too combatitive, and welcome! I’m @Deadly_Smile, the one Jeff mentioned, have a fun time making games!

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Nvm sorry I was confused; didn’t scroll up before

I’m out of likes, would’ve hearted this but cant