Help D: ( 15151515155155)

I just got back to my old computer and my dad already erased everything and that was the only computer with @Blackhole_1001 and i wanna go to that acc but then i was stupid enough to forget the pass word and email AAAAAAAAAAAa

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That’s why you should write down your password and email.

Also accounts can’t really be deleted so you should make an account with a legit email and a password that is easily rememberable for you.

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If you can remember the email, you should be able to recover the account. Try different emails you have

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Seriously, just click “forgot password”…

Steps on Regaining your Flowlab Account:

1. IF you don’t know the email, just visit any google owned website or application.

2. Find ‘manage your account’ in the settings tab. There, it will show your email.

3. Now that you know your email, go back to flowlab, type in the email at 'forgot your password?"

4. Go to your directed email software, (EX: Gmail if and follow the steps there.

@8-bit_Studios Sorry for the concerning advice, remember it and all your emails and/or passwords.


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