Help for My Mobile Game

Multiplayer Movement:

So, I’m making a new Multiplayer mobile game, and I’ve been having some problems. It’s fairly new, so dont expect much, but I do need help with the movement system. I had already designed a simple Arrow Keys movement system, which I have broke already, but I wasn’t happy with it in the first place.

What I need help with is the movement system. Uh, a new movment system. I want it to, in short, be a click movement. So on the phone, you would tap a place on the map and move towards there. This shouild also theoretically work with the laptop as well, as the tap button is also the click button. I will give the usual shout out to @“JR 01”, @GalaxianGames , and @browngr .

I would like some screenshots of the code if possible to make trying to do it myslef less challenging. Also consider also creating objects if need be to make this possible, and then screenshot the code for that too. Please disgaurd the Arrow Based player movement and incorporate it in.

Multiplayer Combat:

Secondarily, I would need help with a similar problem combat wise. For the gunner man character, the only one so far, you must click on enemies to emit an attack on them, which seems simple enough, except for a few problems. For starters, coding the little bullet ot projectile to fire at them, and second to do the animations. The characters animations sonsist of shooting up, down and both sides, and not diagonal. So how would we do this? I was thinking hit boxes in the UI, covering the top, down, left and right of the screen for this, and depending on the area of the projectile, which animation he does. Please do find a way to incorporate this by any means and feel free to disgaurd any peice of pre-existing code that contradicts this.

There is only one other thing: This is a Multiplayer game, meaning the people you will be shooting will be other players. How this will work will require a lot of hard thinking, as This is my first Multiplayer game since the update, so do please keep that in mind.

When done post bellow with screenshots of how to do this, hopefuly with some directions of what to do. If you don’t what to do this right now or if you want to take this in parts is fine as well, don’t want to overwork anyone for a game that’s not theirs.

The Game (Don’t Expect Much) :

I don’t know as much about how mobile controls work, but I’ll try to help in any way I can.
I believe that click behaviors made by one play won’t affect other players… Unless it involves messages. Then it would send it to all objects.

Lol @“The Kodex” I already master mobile movement systems if you create a dev team and invite me and Ill fix it in under fix mins I would send you a image of mine or an example but my game is secret plus I cant upload images for some reason so yeah a please invite me to team :slight_smile:

@GrimProductionZ I will invite you to a Dev team named mobile game helpers and hopefully you can sort out some of the stuff I named above. Thanks!

Hey go to your game and go to the settings tap and click the advanced button then click the button that says team editing then select the group that you invited me to

Multiplayer doesn’t work outside the website, so its really not mobile friendly.
Also I haven’t experimented enough with mobile behaviors, so I’m not much helpful in that area.

Hey @“The Kodex” - turn based multiplayer will be fine on mobile, of course, but like JR 01 said: online multiplayer is currently browser only.

@grazer @“JR 01” Though this is a bit of a dissapointment I shall not let it hold me back, and quite frankly, its actually a relief. Maybe now a more offline mobile game is in order.

Anyway, what is above still stands, just instead of fighting other players you battle AIs. Click to move and to shoot such. Hopefully someone can still help me :slight_smile:

Lol Im working on it ok just totally working on it and not doing somthing else

@JR01 If you go on my game I still have a few problems. Most of what I requested above has been working great, but still has a few bugs; the player still goes upside down and the click movment is still a bit wonky and works Terrible on mobile, which isnt great becuase it was build for mobile.

yea in my game im making with my friend its a browser multiplayer game for it to be on mobile will be hard browsers are easy

@JR01 Just a re-tag I still need help

hi boss what could i do to help with it?

Read the above; movement controls are wack