Help game can’t run

Hello, I am very new to flowlab making a game prototype for my assignment (that is due tmr) but when I try to playtest it it brings me to a white screen like this

I can enter the editor mode but I cannot play it or the screen will hang. Restarted my laptop but proble, still persists, switched to iPad and similar problem (screen hang)

Here is the link to my project I will really appreciate any insight to solve this issue, thank you!

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Usually when the site freezes, it indicates an infinite loop somewhere. You might want to check recent changes to see if you can find one.


I found a possible infinite loop in my player character’s code and deleted it, however the problem (screen hang/site freeze) still persists and now I cannot open the editor.

How do I check the recent changes in a project?

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The blue enemys on start attach to themselves causing it to not work, then those enemies that are attached attach again and that causes an infinte loop


It works now! Thank you swbm and saep