Help!!!! How do you cancel your subscriptions????????


You can go to and you can click the “cancel subscription” button at the top right.

If your looking for a refund from an auto pay subscription, you can click the orange icon here on the bottom right that will directly email grazer for the refund.

Any account issues would be directly solved by Grazer

Thanks @“JR 01” - that’s exactly right. You can also always send me an email if needed (address at the bottom of this page) if you ever have subscription or billing issues that need sorting out.

Thanks! But IM stupid and lost track of where i put the paper with with when my one month subscription ends, is there any way to check.

Usually there is an email sent with the receipt to the email used for your Flowlab account.

Search “Your receipt from ?” in your email.
If its the monthly indie account, then it will be the same day but on the next month.

okay thanks

Hey @Polarbeer2019 - it looks like you will be billed again on April 17. If you send me an email (address at bottom of page) we can discuss any questions you have about billing that way. I would email you, but I don’t think the email address on your account is valid.

There is no "cancel subscription button in the top right…

@“SnakeyJake15”, actually, there is. You just have to select your username in the top right, select “profile” and THEN you will see “cancel subscription.” The button won’t appear if you have a free account.
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@SnakeyJake15 - if you signed up with PayPal, you have to cancel through your PayPal account.