Help. How to hop

I’m trying to make my bunny hop randomly and it just sits there.

From Flowlab

What am I missing here? The Random is set to -10 to 10. The Timer is set to 1.

Um… well you have moveable turned off, you have gravity enabled… lets see.
This is what I did, and I think it’s as good as I can help you.

Mhx…what is this lol. I wonder how you know how to do everything :confused:

He is on flow lab for A LONG time

Haha. What a dumb mistake. Thanks!

What do the numbers 95 and 100 and the Size do?

OK, I think I’ve created a pretty convincing hop with a somewhat simple bundle. It uses gravity of the object for the downward fall.

From Flowlab

It’s a matter of playing with the ranges of the numbers to get the strength and angle of the hops.

Nice work Kanyimbe. You can simplify it a little bit more by deleting that “Always” trigger".

The timer will start on its own if nothing is connected to its start input:

thx grazer!

Alright, what the sizes do it it makes the bunny 95% size when it goes down, and 100% when it goes up. I have my triggers set so he moves randomly around the screen, but instead of floating up and down, the sizes make it look like a hopping animation. Try it :slight_smile:

That’s cool.