HELP i cant put song

i need help to put a song in my game

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You can use the “Audio” Behavior in Components to start a music track.


What kind of song do you use? Flowlab’s songs or other social media songs (ex: Youtube, Tiktok,…)?

you should probably set the link to mp3, and then paste it in

If you do not have indie, or a paid account, you will not be able to put in your own music.

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Incorrect, you can actually use a link to the audio file.


Oh, you mean with the updated open link behavior?

No, there’s a tab in the sound behavior for a link.

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Oh… Wait, I forgot about that, lol. Thanks for explaining it. :slight_smile:
I guess I was getting it confused with the upload file.

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it does not let me copy a song

i use youtube butit doesnt work qhwn i make a mp3

dude what the flip is that

Not gonna work to Youtube, use mp3 or buy the Indie to upload any songs you want.

Dude, you said “I can’t put song”. I thought you meant “I can’t add a song to my game”.

That is the code for a sound behavior.

where do i paste that tho

use a free audio hosting site that allows you to host .mp3 files

then copy the url and paste it into the field

u got any example of hosting sites?