Help is needed

The double jump is not working properly.

So the first jump value is the same as the second jump value to fix this make the output of the first jump not input into the set input of the second jump and make the second jump value higher than the first jump value

Thanks but, the double jump won’t work in the “Hot zone”

Hi, I noticed that you used my Double Jump Example Logic, but you didn’t copy it properly.

You can find the Double Jump Instructions here:

In your game, you didn’t delete your previous jump mechanic (included in the Run & Jump), so it’s inflicting with the Double Jump mechanic (that already has 2 jumps, no need for an extra one aha).

If you set the right object type into the raycast it will work. And, if you have more than a type of ground you can set them as Child of the main ground object, by using the Parent feature.

The raycast will detect all ground objects if you set the Parent to your main ground object.
Anotao 2020-08-04 000704

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

I think I may have forgotten to do something because sometimes the double jump doesn’t work in the “hot zone” and sometimes it does. Also, can you help me in my “Elevator” discussion.
Thanks :slight_smile:

I explained above what was wrong and what you forgot to do.