Help me decide what mini games to add to on a game i'm working on

So I am making a game that’s an arcade and you can play mini games and stuff and there are 6 arcade machines, 3 of them i have ideas for, and i need ideas for the other 3 that are left so i can workout what amount of blocks i need for them all total. id like 3 more mini game ideas and maybe just some ideas / comments for the background i plan on trying to use few blocks for each mini games and use a ton of animations to limit the blocks. Its not really a big game, just one that you can relax and play some mini games

just a note, i didnt start making the mini games yet even tho there are the machines


also its not a furry, i just cant draw humans well so i draw these critters i call kats


also i would like to know if its possible to change the music when you enter the grassy area, even though its in teh same level, and go back to teh original song when you go back inside without switching levels

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You can create an object that sends a message to your (music box?) to stop the current music and play another one, once the object leaves then it’s vice versa.


Holy smokes, your game looks nice!!

and to help with the game not lagging so much, maybe use the in view trigger!


The classic space type game, maybe a game like space invaders

A game where you run from something (like temple run)

A game that has rising lava and the player must strive to get the highest score possible (auto generated dungeon)


When I have the collisions send messages to the music block, its able to keep repeating and playing again every time it collides, is there a way to fix it?

Blue: The thing that gives signal to the music box

Red: The music box

Try using the “Message”(Component) and “Mailbox”(Triggers) !


The “music start” mailbox can be any trigger

basically, the message gives the mailbox the signal [Music1]

Once the music box got the [Music1] signal, it will trigger

((I don’t know how else to explain this, sorry! ;-;


Thanks! It helped and now the music works :3

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Could I make a game like this? Or help you make it?

(if you have indie or beyond)


can ya do a mini mini game whers theres a mini game in a minigame in a game so like a little controller is jumping abut LMAO

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I dont have indie, but sure! you can make games like this :smiley:

i dont mind at all! id be happy to see what you come up with if you do!