help me import music

@“JR 01” @meburningslime anyone can turn this music link into a flowlab complatiple one?

@glithctyrus I think to use it in Flowlab it has to be in MP3 format.

From Beebox you can save it as *.wav file. Then, if you google you will find many online sites that convert from WAV to MP3, like this one:

That link should be vaild for 24 hours, so go, I already converted it for you. No idea how to attach it to this post otherwise :slight_smile:

@TinkerSmith this converts it to a file i have free version so i need it to be a link

Oh. Download it, create a Google account so that you can put it into the Dropbox there and then you can link it.
Or any other similar online storage.
Or create a Soundcloud account and save it there.