Help me improve! . I do know I need an animation for the cars, and more levels, but overall, what do you think of the game, the main problem being, what could I do to make the races more challenging. I need ways to actually race, instead of the car in front just leading al the time. If you respond right away, that is great, but I need to eat dinner, so I will get back to you later.


This is a fun game, with a lot of potential. It’s oddly satisfying to bounce off the springs, and it’s not just a flat track, giving a sense of progression.

You asked about needing an actual race, and I have an interesting idea for you: You would have two tracks, one above the other. They would be exactly the same, but one would be above the other to prevent the car crash that’s been giving you trouble.

Other than this, I tried making the cars or track non solid (Didn’t work). I also tried putting one of the cars in the user interface (didn’t work either).

Anyway, let me know what you think of the idea. I’m interested to hear what you have to say.

I have been trying to make this a more geometry dash sort of style, the game is still pretty clunky tho

no offense or anything negative of that sort but this is very boring.

no it is ok, it is supposed to be really bad. I just started 2 days ago. Plus, I am new to flowlab

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stop flaging my help please

Then you shouldn’t revive week old discussions for your music, I would recommend putting your music in your own discussion for people to look at instead of spamming it on older discussions pushing all of the newer ones farther down.

Although I didn’t flag any of your posts, someone else must have, but that might have been the main reason.

1 i didnt realize it was a problem sorry 2 i do have a discussion for it that is what the link is (srry if that sounded rude)

It’s okay, I know other people get frustrated when old forums are revived without a proper cause. I don’t take much offense to it, but it sometimes does get a bit annoying, mainly if the person it doing it on purpose, but you didn’t know. Yeah I would just continue working on music and uploading it to your music discussion and people will, over time, stop by.

Edit: Sorry for some reason my autocorrect really messed that up, lol.

ok thx /kill discussion