Help me with Character select.

Can anyone plz help me with my game? I want to make a character select example, but I can’t seem to do it. I looked at @grazer’s example copied the same thing, but it still didn’t work. Can someone have an image so i can follow or give me a link to a video there is on how to make a character select?

Well It Works Just Got To Put In Which Level

When You Copy Not Everything is copied Like The Level Number

Just Copy Every Thing Again Then And Type What Is Needed Into The Behaviors

You mean I have to try again and then ask you what I need to put into the behaviors?

Do you have any other way I can have character select?

@GrimProdutionZ, Grazers character select example doesnt use level numbers. It just matters that the character select was before the game. The example selects a character and messages it to an object that “keeps between levels” and that spawns it in the next level.

I believe this the example you looked at Tim:

@Tim01 if you share the game link, I can see what you need to do with screenshots.
If you interested on another way to do it, you can also use Save block to select your character.

A Save block remembers a number you give it.
I have a shop example that uses saves if you want to learn more about save blocks:

This is the link to my game. Thanks @jr01 you are helping a lot. I think I never could’ve figured it out. Can you still try to check it out though?

I dont see where you “copied the same thing”.
Is it in one of the objects?

Sorry, that was the wrong game. This is the link.

Hey @Tim01, everything seems to be hooked up correctly except 1 thing.

In the Playercontrollerobject, you need to set the once block to reset on level start.
This way, it will output when the object is carried to the next level.