Help me with my game pls

Hi. I am making a game that has a system where you can pick up shields and use them when ever. It used to work to where it would keep the amount of shields you have between leels but now it resets each level. I have it set to keep between levels. Does anyone have any ideas on how i could fix this?

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You could have the number of shields save into a save behavior since it keeps data off of the device so it also helps for in between level data.
It acts the exact same as the global, but the save can save stuff even when you leave and re-enter the game so make it reset upon playing the game, but it saves the number of shields between each level.

this is it right now. It doesnt work. did i do the save thing wrong?

well retry it again then

figured it out but it turned into this lol


lol send me the game link

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Hey I found out what was wrong, the block that you had your data in did not have keep between levels selected try selecting that

Never mind I was wrong