Help me

Can’t add music. Game:

@NinjaTrev If you ever need any mp3 urls made just send me a link to the song you want and I’ll get you a working url, no problem.

@leonnighte PLZ DO MINE

That game on YouTube (forgot the name! itself is hilarious

@ocelot_teaching, hey, sorry that took so long. Haven’t been able to get on a computer recently, but here is that mp3 (if you still need it).

@grazer u can’t turn files into mp3 using dropbox i just talk to one of the workers and they said u couldn’t

You download am mp3 and upload it to any sound hosting site, I use Kiwi6. will turn videos into mp3s.

I have gotten my file into mp3 form but how do I get it into a mp3 url

I use weebly. It’s free to make a site. Just upload the mp3 file, publish the site and goto it. Click the uploaded file and there it is.

don’t u have to have weebly premium to upload audio

@leonknight now do u do this