Help on door please

i’ve been trying to remake Pizza Tower for many months now, and im just now trying to make it to where in the level PizzaScape the lap 2 portal can only be activated when the player touches john pillar. help Flowlab Game Creator - Pizza Tower but BAD (CO-OP) (pre-alpha) (TAUNTING!!) (rea description)

When the player turns into a knight, their sprite is way off from the actual hitbox of the player. I would fix problems like these before asking for help, so playtesting becomes easier.

well i dont know how to fix that

nevermind i fixed it

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but how do i fix the lap 2 portal?

hello? you there man?

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ok, so I looked in the code and didn’t really see anything that activates a condition that opens the portal.

What I would do is make it so that when the player hits john pillar, a global called “pillar hit” is set to 1. then, inside the portal, the code filters if the global is set to 1, and if it is, then it opens. Here’s an example of the portal code:

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