Help on something!

There is a porblem. So I did the mouse orbit example and then i extend the camera so you could see the area that is not in screen. But when you get out the weapon does not point exactly where you mouse is.

Change the option in the mouse move behavior

As far as I know, you can’t actually Point At exactly where the mouse is in general; both the PointAt and Rotation use integer angles (i.e. they don’t use decimal angles), so your aim is locked to whole angles between 0 and 360.
But perhaps something else is going on with your particular code, so a game link would be useful…

JR’s made an AngleTo bundle that turns coordinates in to an angle, but here I’m pretty sure it’s just a problem of having the wrong setting in the mouse behavior.

Make sure the mousemove is on “use game coords”

I already said that twice