Help On Transitions

In the beginning of the game I don’t want the character to just stand there. I need the character to do something. For example he is sitting now then he gets up, but the problem is if you press the movement buttons he will move and that animation will be ruined. How can I fix this??

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I would either suggest creating a new object for a non playable character, or use switches to lock player input until the game is playable.


@probablydon summoning (I think they did this in THRALL)


Hm Thank you. I will have to emit the character after the animation of the non-player is done.

yea check out my behaviors bundles youll see i have a couple for cut scenes that might be helpful examples


i have switches that turn off and on movement that are toggled by messages or timers


Thanks! Unfortunately, GODZ is on a temporary hiatus.

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