HELP PLEASE! Im trying to Make alert boxes bigger

Is there a way to make an alert box bigger to fit all of my text?


Instead of using alert boxes, i suggest you use labesl to make cutscenes/tutorials. Alerts are very primitive and look trashy ngl.
Honestly, i wanna know if @grazer is gunna do anything about these, they’re kinda dumb, and yes while they do the job the aesthetic is very unappealing and if he could make them look better that’s be literally awesome.


Hi @hihilogic !

Thank you for the feed back! I’m pretty new at this and trying to create something fun for my students. Do you happen to know if there is a walkthrough or video I could watch to show me how to use labels? Thank you so much!


um just try using the help page, that should get you started


In the behavior editor, you can hover on any behavior and a question mark will show up next to it. You can click on this question mark to open a help paragraph explaining how the behavior works, or you can watch the short video attached.

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